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The leading custom design and build company in the Midlands area

Rapidly becoming known and leading the way in the industry, Bordo Design is a design and build firm in Birmingham that offers an end-to-end service.

Bordo is a company that specialises in designing and building homes for its clients. With a team of experienced architects, designers, builders and carpenters, Bordo provides a one-stop-shop solution for clients looking to build their dream home.

From concept to completion, Bordo works with clients to bring their vision to life while ensuring the finished product meets all building codes and regulations. Bordo prides itself on delivering high-quality homes that are both beautiful and functional, and their commitment to customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as one of the best home design and build companies in the midlands.

End-to-end Process

We understand how stressful a construction project can be and that is why we take full ownership of the project lifecycle. Our specialist build team executes your vision and turns it into a reality.


Whilst construction takes place, we give our clients the pleasure to focus on the enjoyable interior design tasks. Our end-to-end service is completed with carpentry. We create, design, and fabricate exquisite custom-built home storage solutions including kitchens, fitted wardrobes, bathrooms, cinema rooms, office space and much more.


Which means we design and build space around your needs. Our comprehensive approach and strong relationship with our contractors ensure a seamless, risk free and stress-free service – sit back and relax whilst we make your dream home vision into a reality.

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One main contractor

Approaching Bordo Design, Build & Custom, a one main contractor construction company, can be highly beneficial for a client.


By working with a single contractor, clients can avoid the hassle of coordinating with multiple subcontractors, which can be time-consuming and often result in communication issues.

Bordo can provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to construction, from initial design to final construction, ensuring that the project is completed efficiently and to the highest standards. This can help to reduce project costs, streamline the construction process, and ensure a high-quality finished product.


Additionally, by working with Bordo, clients can benefit from the company's expertise and experience, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the client's specifications. Overall, approaching Bordo as a one main contractor construction company can be a smart choice for clients looking for a reliable and efficient construction partner.

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Time & cost

For Bordo, considering time management is crucial in order to save costs and improve project efficiency.


By developing a clear timeline and schedule for each project, Bordo can ensure that we are making the most efficient use of their resources, including labour, materials, and equipment. This can help to minimize waste and reduce project delays, which can ultimately save the company money.


Effective time management can also help Bordo Build to identify potential issues or delays early on, allowing them to address them quickly and prevent further costs from accumulating.


Overall, by prioritizing time management, Bordo Build can improve their bottom line and ensure successful completion of projects within budget and on time.

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Licensed &

For Bordo Build, it is crucial to have the correct licensing and insurance to comply with regulations, protect clients, employees, and property, and establish their professionalism and credibility in the construction industry.


Without the proper licensing, Bordo Build would face legal consequences that could harm their reputation and financial stability. Additionally, insurance would protect Bordo Build's employees in the event of accidents or injuries on the job, as well as protect against damage or loss to property. Ultimately, having the correct licensing and insurance would help ensure Bordo Build can provide quality work to their clients while demonstrating their commitment to responsible and professional business practices.

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